MinLand Mineral Resources in Sustainable Land Use Planning Coordinated by Geological Survey of Sweden Ronald Arvidsson

Why the mining in Europe still matters?

Land use planning: a key factor for mineral developments or The need to know what we are talking about

Corporate conduct, commodity and place: ongoing mining and mineral exploration disputes and their implications for the social license to operate in Finland

Locus of production vs. Locus of control

The significance of mineral deposits safeguarding as the backbone of European minerals security

The role and implementation of minerals safeguarding in land use planning policy in Austria

The proposition of a systematic approach in the method of historical prospecting and exploration of anthropogenic deposits

The influence of the principles of planning and implementing specific investment processes on safeguarding recognized mineral deposits and prospective mineral areas

Strategic mineral deposits. The drafted method of their protection

The safeguarding of raw material through the mineral planning process. The Emilia-Romagna Region experience

Proposed rules for determining strategic mineral deposits in Poland and for their safeguarding

Polish approach to the mineral deposits safeguarding. Experience and problems

Protection of mineral deposits as a basis for safeguard of raw materials

Mineral Policy of Estonia

Mineral safeguarding in Serbia

Safeguarding mineral deposits using the United Nations Framework Classification for Resources

Critical Minerals of the EU (CRM) in the territory of the Czech Republic

Protection of the sources of raw materials in the rock mass in the Raw Materials Policy of the State

Mining and Europe’s World Heritage Cultural Landscapes

Analysis of instruments and systems of mineral deposits safeguarding in a European context

Assessment of the Czech concept of mineral safeguarding in European good practice context

Management of mineral deposits in the process of their extraction as part of the protection of developed deposits

European Green Deal – the need for its revision in the face of the war in Ukraine

Land management recommendations for protecting potential copper and silver mining areas in the Lubuskie Province, western Poland

The importance of the mining exploitation fee in the system of mineral deposits safeguarding

Uranium mining restriction in Slovakia from the perspective of actual raw material situation

Modern mining technologies as a way to use conflict mineral deposits ROBOMINERS project

Regional raw material conception in the Czech Republic (case study Liberec Region)

Knowledge about prospective resources as an instrument of mineral deposit protection

Forecast extraction and processing of lithium and tin from the Cinovec deposit, Czech Republic

Anthropogenic raw materials from coal combustion by-products

Lignite in the context of Poland’s energy security

Geothermal brines as a carbon neutral source of critical raw materials BrineRIS project

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